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Thomas L. Winkler

"... the vocals of the next power metal god himself ..." --

"If he hasn’t got one of the best voices in metal at the moment I don’t know who has." --

"The power that came out of his throat was out of this world." --

"... he revealed himself as one of the greatest gifts in the European scene. A frontman singing with conviction and passion that never seem to diminish ..." --

"The band has excellent musicians, but the one who makes the difference for me is the new guy on vocals Thomas Winkler." --

"Thomas Winkler is the man who drives this record. (...) he has an authenticity in his performance that is rarely matched." -- SkullfracturingMetal

"... and reveals its secret weapon in new singer Thomas Winkler. Winkler sounds a bit like Ripper Owens in the lower registers and bears more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Bruce himself in the higher ranges." --

"... on which the majestic and determined sounding voice of Thomas Winkler rides like a knight in the middle of a giant battle." -- Deadwebzine

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